With the recent shortage of IT engineers, JFR provides support the resolution of IT issues, from consulting IT utilization to human resource development.
We flexibly respond to consultations such as those who want to receive support for system development and implementation, and those who want to train employees to understand the system.


  • IT System Utilization Support

    If you want to review a system that is left to software companies, and/or if you want to develop a small-scale in-house system, we will respond from consulting to system development support.

  • IT Human Resource Development

    Leave the human resource development of your IT department to JFR.
    From inexperienced people to those who are subject to reskilling, with our vast experiences, we will train them from computer basics to system development methods.



  • IT Human Resource Development

    Our cyber security expert, who are qualified as nationally qualified information processing security support specialists, will support you from diagnosing your company's security measures to creating tools and regulatory documents.

  • Data Analytics/AI

    Data analysis using Python; Data science such as image analysis; and system development in the field of AI.

  • IoT

    Data utilization of analyzers; monitoring of equipment and machinery; and establishment of operating system.