• Today, the world's population continues to grow and is projected to reach 10 billion by 2050.
    At the same time, social problems such as food shortages and international conflicts are being discussed extensively around the world.
    Environmental problems and resource depletion are at the root of those problems, and solving them will lead to solving many social problems.

    World Population Assessment - Ministry of Population - United Nations (un.org)
  • In the planetary boundary, which is the basic concept of the SDGs and refers to the limits of the Earth, one of the items classified as a very high risk is the nitrogen and phosphorus cycle.
    JFR is focusing on solving those issues.

    Source: The evolution of the planetary boundaries framework. Licenced under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
    (Credit: Azote for Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. Based on Richardson et al. 2023, Steffen et al. 2015, and Rockström et al. 2009)


  • Nitrogen recovery and fertilizer production equipment (deodorization)

    JFR has developed a technology to produce fertilizer from nitrogen (ammonia) contained in bad smells (patent pending).
    The bad smells are decomposed and rendered harmless by microorganisms established in the equipment.
    Since this technology is based on the purifying action of microorganisms, it is cheaper than combustion or chemical-based deodorization.
    In addition, the ammonia contained in the bad smells is converted by the microorganisms into highly concentrated nitric acid, which is then transformed into nitrogen fertilizer.

    Nitrogen recovery and fertilizer production equipment (deodorization)
  • Phosphorus adsorbents

    JFR is developing a phosphorus adsorbent to secure phosphorus resources in the future.
    This adsorbent itself is also a recycled glass product made from waste glass.
    Patents have been applied for domestically in Japan and internationally, and have already been registered in Japan, the United States, South Korea, and Taiwan.
    The phosphorus adsorbent reacts with the phosphoric acid in the liquid by immersing in waste liquid, etc., and removes and recovers it.
    In addition, the recovered phosphorus can be used as fertilizer.

    Phosphorus adsorbents
  • Poultry manure methane fermentation power generation and nitrogen fertilizer production

    In methane fermentation power generation using poultry manure, which has a high nitrogen content, ammonia inhibition which causes poor fermentation of methane due to the accumulation of high ammonia concentration is a technical barrier.
    JFR has developed a nitrogen recovery system that incorporates its core technology.
    This system extracts ammonia from poultry manure (and other livestock manure) and suppresses the occurrence of "ammonia inhibition".
    In addition, the extracted ammonia is recovered as nitric acid.
    This system can produce two resources: energy and nitrogen fertilizer.

    Poultry manure methane fermentation power generation and nitrogen fertilizer production
  • Advanced Integration Model

    JFR aims to establish “Advanced Integration Model” which is a new recycling model, achieving both economic efficiency and environmental conservation and plans to start construction of a prototype in collaboration with partner companies.
    This model is a new-generation recycling model that incorporates not only environmental technologies but also a wide variety of other technologies, including our functional materials and feed technologies, to utilize all resources without waste, and to achieve high profitability by manufacturing and selling high-value-added products.

    Advanced Integration Model


  • Contract Research

    JFR supports R&D of your company's own technologies and the university's seed technologies.
    We can also support applications for subsidies in relate to research and development, and making intellectual properties from the development stage.

    Contract Research

    Please contact us for more information about off-list options, as we can be flexible.

  • Biomass power generation

    JFR proposes the optimal system from combustion system to methane fermentation, depending on your biomass raw materials (wood, agricultural and livestock, food residues, etc.) and the desired scale.

    Biomass power generation