Our Business

Fuctional materials

Lactic acid bacteria, natto bacteria, yeast products, functional materials, ophidine, yeas extract for fermentation

Food / material research and development, research consignment work, OEM / ODM development

As an agent of Asahi Group Foods Co., Ltd., we sell yeast-related materials and sell functional materials of SYNGEN BIOTECH CO., LTD to 12 countries (including Japan) around the world.

 We also carry out research and development and support business for overseas businesses for food and material companies in Japan and overseas. We also carry out OEM / ODM operations, and we can handle production at multiple factories in Japan and overseas, and we can accept contracts from various dosage forms and small lots.



Yeast cell wall, feed raw material(yeast protein, plant protein raw material, zeolite, etc.),live bacterial agent for feed(lactic acid bacteria, bacillus, hyperthermia, etc.)

・Sales of yeast cell walls (Asahi Group Foods, distributors)

・Sales of feed ingredients (yeast protein, plant protein ingredients, zeolite, etc.) 

・Live feed bacteria (lactic acid bacteria, Bacillus subtilis, high temperature bacteria, etc.)


Sewage treatment equipment and raw materials:

Foamed glass / phosphorus and fluorine adsorbents and equipment


Biomass power generation related equipment / materials, raw materials for biodegradable plastics


New tech

Direct seller

Overseas Operations Division

Skin-adhesive temperature sensor, medical equipment(medical mask, face shield, medical gloves, etc.), disinfectant (electrolyzed water, plant-based disinfectant)

/Virus antigen / antibody test Kid /

PCR test reagent (for overseas) General pharmaceuticals material

Select shop management

Mail order business (health foods, general foods, etc.)

Wholesale business (domestic import of overseas food materials through overseas subsidiaries and affiliated companies, overseas expansion support business of domestic food materials)

Consulting services for overseas projects

(license business, trade business, investment, business construction support)


Multiple overseas bases / subsidiaries