【Corporate philosophy】


We strive to improve food and environmental problems by building a recycling-based society with Japanese new science technology to the world.

Name  JFR Co., Ltd.
CEO  Hiroshi Miyazaki
Head office   2-22-11, Kamishakujii, Nerima-ku, 
   Tokyo, 177-0044, Japan
Phone  03-6279-7102
Laboratory      3-12-18 
 Kamiaoki,Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama,
 333-0844, Japan

【Message from the President】



We, JFR are seeking to realize CSV(Creating Shared Value) and also our economic activities lead directly to social contribution.



Nowadays all events relate to each other and circulate through the world.

We will make a better society by smoothly moving this, eliminating waste and increasing efficiency.


To realize this, we will develop business in various fields (medical supplies, functional materials, environment, information analysis) and promote technological development, which is a strength of Japan.